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Look your best in photographs

If you want to wear your glass in the photo make sure the photographer angles the lens so you won’t get a glare.

The trick to making your nose look smaller is shading. Apply your foundation and your powder as usual. If you are getting your picture taken then you will want to use a “photo friendly” formula of foundation. Try Enlighten or Equalizer by Estee Lauder. These foundations are great for photographs they reflect the light so you won’t look “washed out” or pale. Brush a slightly darker shade of powder or use a bronzer over the bridge of your nose. Brush it over the areas that you think are too big. Darker colors make things look smaller. You want to make sure it is not too dark because you still want your make up to look natural.

When straightening your hair you want to condition it well before starting the straightening process. Use a wide bristled brush and put your blow drier on medium and gently brush your hair as you dry it. If you find that you hair is starting to frizz then finish drying it and apply an anti-frizzing agent or hair balm. To make your hair perfectly straight use a flat iron or run a curling iron down your hair and straighten the hair in sections. Use a finishing spray to keep the hair in place and it should be ready for a perfect photo experience.

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